Post-Brexit UK will not be ‘centre of gravity’ for Biden

Sir Peter Ricketts, who was Britain’s ambassador to Nato and France and chief mandarin at the Foreign Office as well as servicing as David Cameron’s NSA from 2010-12, said that the Democrat candidate, if elected, will look to Berlin and Paris as his main interlocutors in Europe.

His comments come after Biden warned that peace in Northern Ireland was more of a priority to him than the US/UK trade deal being sought by Boris Johnson, tweeting that the Good Friday Agreement must not become a “casualty of Brexit”… More here.

I do not know at what point people will realise that the UK is not a superpower, it is not a country that makes things and exports them all over the world, it does not have a stable first world culture anymore and it is heading in a very dangerous direction.

We need a deal with the EU, we always did and time is running out fast while the truth twisters continue to spin nonsense to the general public.

Look at the tweet above from the Department of International Trade. They are trying to spin the fact that we will have a 0% tarrif on soy sauce (not soya!) as a victory. We were at 0% when in the EU because most of the soy sauce we consume is from the Netherlands. They are comparing it to WTO terms which we have not been in since we joined the EU so it’s complete nonsense.

I am in the strange position of wanting Biden to win and hoping that he tells us to go f*ck ourselves. We deserve that and just maybe it will be enough for Boris and co. to push harder for a deal with the EU.

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