Why great design is timeless

A lot of commentary has followed the launch of the iPhone 12, some of it praising Apple for going back to the old design and some complaining about Apple’s inability to do something different from a design perspective. Both sides miss the point: Enduring design doesn’t need constant reinterpretation. It needs tweaking, polishing, and subtle improvement. I think of the iPhone and its design language very similar to Porsche’s design language. Or, for that matter of a classic Leica camera… More here.

Such a brilliant article and I believe this applies to many other objects over time. Watches, furniture and even kitchen utensils. Great design will always have great longevity.

One thought on “Why great design is timeless

  1. I feel like some cultures are thought to be more ostentatious in their gear – like folks like flaunting the new hotness if they got it. I wonder if that is part of it too. Maybe Apple et all will end up alternating between two modes of design 4-ish to X- and back again 😀

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