Apple’s powerful 2020 updates

But 5G aside, even after using Apple’s new iPhones just for a few minutes, I can tell it feels like a much more substantial upgrade than we’ve seen in the past two years of iPhone releases. The updated design and refreshed screen sizes make Apple’s iPhone lineup feel newer than it has in years… More here.

It’s clear that there’s another shoe to drop here. There is, undoubtedly, an iPad Pro update on the horizon that will put plenty of distance between those models and today’s iPad Air. But who cares? Many features that were previously locked into Apple’s top-of-the-line iPads have migrated down to a more affordable model. Not everyone needs an iPad Pro, especially when there’s an iPad Air that’s this good… More here.

It would appear that the new iPads and iPhones are similar to the Apple Watch Series 6 in that many of the little bits have been upgraded to make a complete experience. Apple is doing some serious under the hood work in 2020.

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