Confused by the iPhone 12… Pro… Mini…Max

From a personal perspective I am very confused by the iPhone 12 line up. I own an 11 Pro and my wife owns the X which would normally mean that there has to be something special to make either of us even consider an upgrade, especially from the 11 Pro.

As I look at what is new in the 12 line up it is hard not to be impressed by the sheer quality of the components and the power available, but the 11 Pro is more than I need in terms of power and arguably so is the X. It needs something…

…and that something is the extremely impressive camera which is only in the iPhone 12 Pro Max. If I do not want a phone that big the rest of the upgrades are mere flourishes in terms of design. They do not offer enough in a practical sense and I would argue that 5G would make more sense in the 2021 release. I get why it is there now, there really is no choice purely from having to keep up with the competition, but the benefits could be outweighed by the downsides with the way the networks stand today.

Apple is basically saying- if you have an iPhone X or above and want to keep a similar sized phone in your pocket, there is no point in looking at the 12. Strange…

5 thoughts on “Confused by the iPhone 12… Pro… Mini…Max

  1. I agree with you. Since I’m doing a lot of photography with my iPhone 11 Pro I really want a better telephoto lens. I don’t think the 4X or 5X optical zoom is enough, but I will wait for reviews to see if it makes a big enough reason to upgrade.

          1. I sometimes I miss the “specialness” of being “the guy with a camera in his pocket” (those great little Canon Digital Elphs) from 2001 to… I dunno 2012 or so, when smartphone cameras started getting acceptable.

            I got a real full bodied camera w/ swappable lens, but it doesn’t get much use. The best camera is always the one that is with you.

            I haven’t looked deeply into the specs, but is the 12 Pro max camera all that much better than the 11 Pro Max ? I’m thinking I can probably wait a year…

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