Where Does My Power Lie?

As I live alone, my constant companion has been the radio. One morning I was listening to broadcaster, James O’Brien, who uttered a phrase that has rattled in my head ever since. ‘Where does my power lie? And what can I do with it?’. He was speaking about the powerlessness we can feel and a phrase that had helped him emerge from helplessness. I scribbled the phrase down on a piece of paper and stuck it up in my kitchen. Since then. every morning I’ve looked at it and it and this simple question has inspired thought and action. I hope this print will do the same for you in your home too (and is certainly a lot nicer looking than my scrap of note paper)… More here.

Five words can mean so much. This kind of inspiration is standard stuff for James.

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  1. In addition this phrase I would add, “Am I giving away my power?” Its a good clarification since often we let others control us and take away our power.

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