Beats Flex ($49.99)

In your ears or around your neck, Beats Flex are as versatile as the life you lead. Whether you’re listening to music, taking calls, or scrolling your social feed, you’ll always be ready for what’s next. Magnetic earbuds make listening that much easier by automatically playing music when they’re in your ears and pausing when they’re attached around your neck¹. The Flex-Form cable provides all-day comfort with durable Nitinol construction while four eartip options offer a personalized fit. And when you’re not wearing them, the magnetic earbuds keep Beats Flex tangle-free as they easily coil up into your pocket or purse… More here.

The originals were decent value at twice the price, apart from the fact they trended to break eventually, and these look like very good value indeed.

One thought on “Beats Flex ($49.99)

  1. When I recently looked for replacements for my BeatsX (as you said, their durability is kind of meh) and saw my only options were refurbished, I kind of despaired– did the ascendency of AirPods and the like (and/or similar models to BeatsX but with big old hearing aid plastic bits around the earbuds) mean this “semi-wireless” form factor was going away?

    A few weeks ago “JBL TUNE 110BT” s turned out to be an ok replacement… the plastic is a bit chintzy, the clipping magnets are badly designed, but the sound is good and I prefer it’s little start up and connected riffs. But I might put a pair of the Flex on my christmas list 😀

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