Apple event / 10

HomePod Mini : 7/10 1 point taken off because of Siri.

iPhone 12 : 8/10 I love that Apple continues to double-down on performance, durability and the background specs that are only noticed indirectly when in use, but am surprised that there is no ‘novel’ new feature at all besides 5G (which is not novel as such)). It remains, however, a marvel of engineering.

iPhone 12 camera : 6/10 more improvements, but nothing that blows my mind.

iPhone 12 MagSafe : 9/10 unexpected and highly practical. Was hoping for USB-C in place of lightning though.

iPhone 12 mini : 8/10 great size and well priced.

iPhone 12 Pro : 8/10 in a way it is good to see the new materials on a phone to bring back that fashionable feel that we used to get in the early days of mobile ownership. Same price as the 11 is a relief and makes sense in 2020.

iPhone 12 Pro camera 9/10 : surprised the Max camera is better than the Pro camera (which is better than the 12 camera), but can’t argue with these improvements. For most people this will be (more than) the only camera they need and Dolby Vision Video support is just so impressive…

iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR 8/10: the icing on the camera cake.

And that was it… Nothing else at this event which surprised me a little.

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