Have that coffee after breakfast…

A strong coffee after a poor night’s sleep is the kick-start many people need in the morning but new research suggests that it might be best to have a bite to eat first.

A study has found that drinking coffee first thing can have a negative effect on blood sugar control — a risk factor for diabetes and heart disease… More here.

I never have a good night’s sleep, I drink coffee as soon as I wake up. I can’t change either, I just can’t.

3 thoughts on “Have that coffee after breakfast…

  1. I exercise first thing in the day instead of coffee, and that always wakes me up. Michael Pollan’s audio book “Caffeine” is a great read about what caffeine does – good and bad. He goes off it and comes back on in an exploration of its effects.

  2. The bad night’s sleep and the coffee may or may not be related. Have you been checked for sleep apnea? I have it, use CPAP, and sleep very well. As for coffee, I have one with breakfast and one with lunch. I’m one of those aliens who nurse their coffee for hours. If I want one later in the day, it’s decaf, although I’m not convinced that would keep me awake.

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