The Q Timex Reissue Digital LCA

Despite being a sub-$200 watch, the Digital LCA is of pleasantly good quality. The stainless steel case sports alternating brushed and polished surfaces that would do credit to a luxury steel sports watch, and the printing on the dial, as well as on the “chrono-timer-alarm” lettering, is crisp and well-executed even under close examination. The watch has dual-time functionality. It can, in fact, function as a chronograph, countdown timer, and alarm watch (the alarm in the sample furnished by Timex has a pleasantly loud chirp, enough to wake you up as long as you’re not a terribly heavy sleeper or in an environment with a lot of ambient background noise), and I got a feeling overall of quite nice execution. The analog display has hour, minute, and seconds hands, and the seconds hand jumps forward at one-second intervals, updating in synchrony with the digital seconds below it… More here.

So many memories.

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