Old TV destroyed broadband for 18 months

A 400-resident village in Wales suffered 18 months of DSL Internet outages each morning until the culprit was identified as electrical interference from an old TV set.

The residents of Aberhosan mysteriously experienced the outages each morning at 7am. Openreach, a BT subsidiary that provides Internet service in the UK, replaced old cables in the village in an attempt to stop the outages… More here.

I interviewed someone a few years ago who attended a broadband fault that kept repeating every week or so. He found out that the keypad on the security gate (it was a big house) was cutting the broadband off because it was using a specific code. They changed the code and it never faulted again.

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    1. I was never an engineer so have no clue how that part works. The engineer in the interview really did understand it though- still didn’t get the job:)

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