From 4 to 6 does not go

The Apple Watch 6 replicated that moment when I watched one of the iPhone keynotes and thought that the upgrade was not worth it.

The SP02 monitor is useful of course, and will help sell the product in a covid conscious world, but even Fitbit can do that properly and so can the pocketable £15 monitor that I bought from Amazon. The brighter screen when the wrist is not raised is useful for anyone but the owner and presumably does not help battery life, a topic that was not even mentioned in the presentation.

Aside from the above we have some new colours and a host of new features that will work just as well on a series 4 or series 5 Apple Watch. The new watch faces come with watchOS 7, the new straps of course work with any Apple Watch and Fitness+ will work with all of them.

I personally thought that the Apple One subscription offering had some merit. I pay £6.99 for iCloud and £14.99 for Apple Music for the whole family. Paying £7 more for News+, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and Fitness+ makes perfect sense to me.

And there is a new iPad Air and I think another iPad, but as I only use my iPad for watching YouTube I turned the presentation off at that point.

To sum up, the Apple Watch series 7 may get my money, but the introduction of the Apple Watch SE and the continuation of the series 3 make a lot of sense, and will no doubt cause even more people to start wearing an Apple Watch every day.

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  1. As you say, next to nothing between the 5 and 6. 4 -> 6 is really just a little more screen real estate.

    I find the timing the most interesting – unless there’s a second announcement in the next few weeks for the iPhone, it may well be delayed more than expected.

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