A winter of discontent

This article unfolds the likely scenario of a large resurgence of COVID-19 cases this winter after poor planning for foreseeable events. The situation is set to be exacerbated by the spike in cases we are currently witnessing in the UK, before the seasonality of this and other viruses take hold. The country is on course to suffer devastating socio-economic and public health crises followed by the disastrous aftermath of an ever more certain no-deal Brexit.

If the studies here are accurate, come January, when the UK is both mid-pandemic and post-Brexit, the conditions may well prove that Britain has the worst possible type of government at the worst possible time… More here.

My word, the articles on the site today are a little depressing. Sorry about that.

1 thought on “A winter of discontent

  1. I fear we’ll be in a very similar boat here.

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