Tommy used to work on the docks…

With v15.6 of the WordPress app, you’ll be managing your site with confidence; no more livin’ on a prayer.

Once up a time, not so long ago, there was no media editing support in the Gallery block. Now there is!

Tommy used to work on the docks. But that was before we fixed the empty text fields in right-to-left layout, so they’re select-able and placeholders are visible. The union’s still on strike and he remains down on his luck, but it’s less tough now when he’s blogging in Hebrew.

Gina works the diner all day. And when she posts about the lunch rush, there’s media editing support in the Gallery block. She brings home her pageviews for love.

She says we have to hold on to what we got. But if we need to vary column sizes, the Column block supports changing column widths.

We’ve got each other, and also better redo/undo levels so you no longer have to undo whole sentences one character at a time. For more efficient undoing, go give it a shot.

(Whoa! We’re halfway there. With these release notes, that is.)

Take your hand — and pick up your phone, where there’s simplified Google authentication, we swear. (Which means: if you try to sign up with a Gmail address that’s associated with a WordPress account, we’ll automatically redirect you to login. And vice-versa, so if you try to login with an address that doesn’t have a matching WordPress account, we’ll send you to signup.)

It’s time to update, ready or not. The updates are great and you’ll love them a lot.

(If you’re singing in your head, which we know that you are because we made those last two sentences scan perfectly just for you, here’s where you go up a fifth.)

We fixed an bug that inadvertently linked the app with two social accounts, therefore making login with a social account wonky.

Hey, every line can’t be perfect, in code or in app notes. Happy WordPressing, y’all.

Well done to WordPress for some of the best app update notes I have ever seen.

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