A typical Apple family?

We bought my son a pair of AirPods Pro yesterday as he is soon returning to university and we canted to get him something nice.

It then dawned on me that my daughter owns AirPods Pro and so do I, and we seem to be getting more attached to them every day. This on top of the AirPods (originals) that they already owned and which remain in the house.

My daughter uses an iPhone 7 and my son a new iPhone SE. My wife has an iPhone X and I have an iPhone 11 Pro (which was used to take the photo above and so it is not in the collection).

Also in the shot is my daughter’s iPad and my first version iPad Pro plus Apple Pencil. A MacBook from 2016 and one from 2019 that are my son’s and mine respectively and an Apple Watch series 5 (my wife’s) and an Apple Watch series 4 (mine).

To round things off there is an old(ish) Apple TV and an iMac which my daughter still uses (not pictured).

Are we insane or is this typical and we just managed to not notice this bizarre reliance on Apple products? It was an eye-opener and even more so because I don’t consider any of them to be unnecessary…

5 thoughts on “A typical Apple family?

  1. You’re not alone. I’ve been Apple for about 10 years. First with MacBook Pro – 10 years old and still going strong. iPhone, iMac, iPad. Wife daughter and son all have iPhones. Daughter has MB Air, wife has iPad. Son has stubbornly held out with Windows laptop but is about to buy a MB Pro and AirPods. Only thing none of have is an Apple Watch

  2. I am seeing other Apple families splinter eventually as children go off on their own and decide to try other brands. My brother’s family no longer has blue bubbles for all. One of my sister’s families are the same way now where they were all Apple in the beginning.

    1. It would be good if that does happen, if the competition makes competitive products.

  3. Yeah, seems like it’s a mix of:
    – loyalty / other competitive products decent but not having benefits worth re-learning (phone)
    – anemic competition in the category (watch, tablet, laptop (at least if you like Unix-y things)
    – prestige and/or superior design (wireless earpods)
    – familiarity w/ and cohesion of the product line landscape

    Alan Kay said “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” – Apple has been doing that in a more cohesive way for longer than anyone. Samsung doesn’t do much in terms of software (tho their smart TV UIs had made tremendous strides, I’ve lived through) — Microsoft was late to hardware and never got the hang of mobile, Google has chromebooks and seems to not be excited about pixel….

  4. We’re another Apple family. 2 iMacs (2013, 2020), 2 MacBook Pros (both 2009), my wife’s MacBook Air (2020). 2 iphones (6S, 8), 2 iPad Mini 2, an old iPad 2, and an oldish Apple TV. No airpods though. And I do have Windows running in Boot Camp.

    My son is pretty much Apple except for his old Windows PC and the Surface he uses for work. But they both have iPhones and iPads, and my daughter-in-law has a MacBook Pro.

    Is it loyalty? Maybe originally, but it was also a good eco-system. Everything worked well together. I don’t know that I’d think that way if I was starting over.

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