McGST Podcast Episode 6 (Apple’s house of cards)

A quick episode exploring Apple’s recent App Store troubles and in particular the developments concerning the WordPress app.

Music by Tom Munch (

And then the following happened after I recorded the episode. Confusing… I have left the episode up anyway as things do seem to be changing at Apple, but the current situation is not as bad as it originally looked.

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  1. As I recall, this sort of thing has happened with other apps that pointed to their web site for purchases. For example, you can’t buy a book from within the Kindle app and there’s nothing that I can see that tells one to go to Amazon to buy.

    That said, I wonder what happens with the various store front apps, such as Amazon, where you can purchase items from the company. Does Apple take a cut of those purchases? Do they still take a cut but at a lower percentage?

    So basically, if WordPress had never mentioned their payment options, this issue would never have arisen. When they did, Apple over-reacted. Instead of saying that they could simply remove the payment options or offer in-app purchases, they seemingly insisted on the in-app purchases.

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