McGST Podcast Episode 6 (Apple’s house of cards)

A quick episode exploring Apple’s recent App Store troubles and in particular the developments concerning the WordPress app.

Music by Tom Munch (

And then the following happened after I recorded the episode. Confusing… I have left the episode up anyway as things do seem to be changing at Apple, but the current situation is not as bad as it originally looked.

One thought on “McGST Podcast Episode 6 (Apple’s house of cards)

  1. As I recall, this sort of thing has happened with other apps that pointed to their web site for purchases. For example, you can’t buy a book from within the Kindle app and there’s nothing that I can see that tells one to go to Amazon to buy.

    That said, I wonder what happens with the various store front apps, such as Amazon, where you can purchase items from the company. Does Apple take a cut of those purchases? Do they still take a cut but at a lower percentage?

    So basically, if WordPress had never mentioned their payment options, this issue would never have arisen. When they did, Apple over-reacted. Instead of saying that they could simply remove the payment options or offer in-app purchases, they seemingly insisted on the in-app purchases.

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