The low and the high of the Apple Watch rumours

The potential Apple Watch SE would feature lower-end parts with a familiar design but utilize the same software experience/integration experience. Essentially, the cheaper model would replace the Series 3 watch that is currently on the market despite Apple being on its Series 5 model.

Leaks note that the design should follow the look of the Series 3 but feature an S6 processor (same processor used on the unreleased Apple Watch Series 6), 16 GB of storage, Bluetooth 5.0 and a cellular version option. Premium application features and a single 42mm size offering is also expected… More here.

Makes sense, sell the Series 3 under a different name- it will sell like hot cakes.

If Apple does indeed resurrect the gold Apple Watch Edition at a price anything like the original’s, we’d hope to see software support last a little longer than before. Watch OS 5 was released in 2018, which means the first Apple Watch Edition had a lifespan of just 3 years. Things move quickly in the tech world, so we can only hope that Apple chooses to reflect that with a price closer to the current titanium and ceramic models… More here.

Surely not again? This will not sell.

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