Ratio Eight Coffee Maker

From there, you can either watch or walk away, though watching it brew is half the fun. With the press of a button, the machine begins gurgling water to the exact right temperature (200 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the Specialty Coffee Association of America), pulling it up through internal glass tubing systems… More here.

Beautiful design, but very expensive.

In my, however, experience a stovepot makes some of the best coffee I have ever tasted and they are exceptionally cheap.

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  1. One must really have a passion for great coffee to invest in something like this!

    I’ve only started drinking coffee on a fairly regular basis quite recently. Even my ex-wife couldn’t believe it when for some reason it popped up during conversation.

    At the at home we have a Nespresso machine, given to my wife by her sister in law, I’ve found a reasonably priced capsule with the right strength and smoothness for my liking. I am experimenting with adding a tiny sprinkle of pink Himalayan salt into the mix which is supposed to take away some of the bitterness.

    However, I am considering going back to a nice Italian coffee maker my wife bought at some point not so long ago, or a Moka pot according to Google, because I’m starting to feel guilty about the impact on the environment these capsules might have if everyone is at it the way we are.

    Because we got an induction stove, the old Moka pot stopped working, and at the time, my wife couldn’t find an appropriate one to her liking that would work. She tried something that you placed between the induction stove and the Moka pot, but it didn’t work for some reason. We bought an a nice electric one, which works the same way, except that the pot is made of glass and that basically once you get it going you can walk away because it will stop brewing and keep the coffee hot until you’re ready for your morning cuppa.

  2. The stovepot may be cheap, but you still need a stove, and they’re not cheap 🙂

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