‘Bullying’ Apple…

When Natalie Monson started her food blog 11 years ago, she didn’t expect to end up embroiled in a fight with the world’s most valuable company.

But the US small business owner is now battling Apple for the right to use a pear in the logo on her recipe app.

In a legal filing, Apple said the image was too similar to its own logo and would hurt its brand… More here.

To be fair to Apple the logos are incredibly similar. Just kidding, I find myself really p*ssed off at the ridiculousness of Apple’s claim. This is such a bad look for the company.

2 thoughts on “‘Bullying’ Apple…

  1. Apparently Apple has done this before with fruit-based logos. No one would mistake one for the other. I think someone inside decided that any fruit must be watched, and it got carried to extreme. The company executive must realize how ridiculous this looks.

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