Apple everything

I have found myself using Apple for literally everything tech these days. One thing led to another, to another, and so on to the point that I only just realised what happened.

iOS 14 beta offers basic widgets which cannot be used by third party apps currently and so I thought I would try Reminders in place of 2Do. It has proved to be more versatile in terms of visuals and other aspects, such as excellent Apple Watch integration and of course the iOS widget. 2Do has been unused for a month now and I don’t miss it.

Bear Note was replaced by Apple Notes a few weeks back and again it appears to be more versatile and accessible to me. There is a lot to this which I may cover in a future article, but Notes is staying for now.

The Apple Watch opens my MacBook automatically, everything is working in tandem and it does feel as if Apple has finally nailed the invisible ecosystem via iCloud.

I am even using AirPods Pro every day, for hours on end, and the Apple Watch is currently helping me to lose weight and keep the energy up when working from home so it is all largely positive. None of this is cheap, but at the moment it really is Apple everything with a dose of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video for good measure.

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