One week a year…

For at least one week a year the Apple Watch gets some time to see what the real world is like. It was probably shocked when it realised what had changed in the world recently after being charged, but I have to say that it gets better every time I use it.

In particular with working from home I am starting to see the benefit of the stand ring. I have always hated it because I used to struggle to complete it, but when stuck at home it is more important than ever.

My new treadmill regime means that the exercise ring is easily achievable and of course the move ring brings it all together.

I have always criticised the Apple Watch ring system in the past, but I am starting to wonder if there is more science behind this that I originally thought. Steps are of course not everything and in some ways it is nice to not worry about step targets any more and to rather concentrate on how often I move and how often my heart rate is at a high level.

Almost everything else on the Apple Watch loses importance when at home, but I still very much appreciate it for what it is. And it is the best smartwatch available for most people, by some distance.

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