The Apple Watch and longevity

One criticism if the Apple Watch is that it does not have the same longevity of a real watch and that is a perfectly logical argument. You cannot deny that it is designed to only last for a few years whereas a more expensive mechanical watch is one of few products available today that do not have planned obsolesce built in. To build a reputation in the watch world you need to make an extremely reliable movement, near impenetrable cases and toughness in every area. Two decades later that watch, and the £1,000’s spent, have become a part of you.

So, case closed on this argument, Well, maybe not.

I was speaking to a work colleague yesterday and she wears a Series 1 Apple Watch which was given to her in 2016. She has worn it every day, charges it overnight and it is still running fine for what she needs with decent battery power (enough for a day) still there.

Is that longevity? I would suggest that it is for a smartwatch and potentially many people would not keep a quartz watch for more than 5 years. She fully intends to keep using it for at least 2 more years and if she does want to upgrade she can spend less than £200 to get a new Series 3 model.

Even serious watch people might find that to be impressive. I do.

3 thoughts on “The Apple Watch and longevity

  1. As one of your non-watch folks 😀 —
    I do admire the longevity and durability of a time piece, and its general attractiveness. As a non-collector it sort of raises the question, why do you need so many then 😀

    1. Well, I am down to only 5, 1 inherited and 2 bought for me, but yes many collectors have loads and loads of watches. Don’t look for logic in watch collecting Kirk!:)

      1. I “sort of” get it!

        It’s certainly easier for outsiders to see the appeal of than some other hobbies – a nice blend of detail (both mechanical and more superficial) and simplicity.

        (Also it was the only my mom could accessorize when she was in her Salvation Army Uniform… for many many years before her retirement, a playful watch was an easy yet appreciated gift from me to her – different vibe than the men’s watches here but still.)

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