A simple fix for always feeling tired

Working from home isn’t much fun in my opinion. Besides the isolation and the boredom of spending most of my time in one place, I have found myself feeling tired most of the time. I have put on some weight and even a brisk walk at lunch time and after work has not helped.

It would appear that spending most of the day sitting at a screen with the occasional break is not good for my mood, my health and my fitness. It dawned on me that even on the days when I managed 10,000 steps through a walk or run after work it was not enough because I spent too much time just sitting.

And so I spent £120 on eBay on a 10 year old treadmill and sat it next to my desk at home. Every hour I spend 5 minutes running or brisk walking on it and it has made a huge difference to my general energy levels. My mood has improved greatly thanks to the hourly breaks and (presumably) the serotonin my body produces when exercising, but I suspect more than anything it is the movement with shorter periods of nothing that is the main factor.

Seriously, I am not trying to sell anything here. I just thought I would mention the big difference it has made for me for what is not a lot of effort.

3 thoughts on “A simple fix for always feeling tired

  1. That’s great! I know exercise makes a difference for me too.

    1. More than anything I think it’s the regular nature of it

      1. For me too. There are some days I don’t want to do it though.

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