Apple: A one-party state

Another recent ex-employee said that security was weaponised across the company, with internal blogs boasting about the number of employees caught leaking and NDAs required even for non-sensitive or mundane projects. The employee described how they were once asked to read a negative story about the company and then identify the Apple insider suspected of leaking information.

Since becoming chief executive, Cook has doubled down on security, catching 29 leakers in 2017 alone, according to an internal memo leaked to Bloomberg in 2018 (the company does not publicly disclose such figures)… More here.

I found some time to read this article yesterday. It’s superb and offers some hope for the Tortoise service.

One thought on “Apple: A one-party state

  1. I read this. Most companies have NDAs, certainly tech companies. The thing is that Apple is of interest to a lot of people. I mean if I had leaked something when I was working, almost no one would have cared. Apple likes to make big announcements and the leaks and rumours sort of destroy the big reveal. That makes it even more irritating.

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