The AirPods Pro won

I wrote a comparison between the AirPods Pro and Jaybird Vista in-ear wireless buds a few weeks ago and the Vista won quite easily.

And here I am now wearing the AirPods Pro every day because they have proved to be more useful for me despite being more expensive, offering lesser noise isolation and poorer audio quality.

I find myself putting them in at the start of the day and often they are in for 80% of the time until I finish work (from home). The sheer ease of use is addictive to the point that you stop noticing any of the process and you only notice when they are not playing a podcast or some music.

I can’t quite explain it because every logical part of my brain knows that the AirPods Pro are far from the best available, but still they win for their invisible practicality. For a product that should be all about audio quality it is a remarkable design achievement by Apple.

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