Lower cognitive ability linked to non-compliance with social distancing guidelines

“Our findings reveal a novel cognitive root of social distancing compliance during the early stage of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Zhang said.

The researchers also found that higher levels of fluid intelligence and agreeableness were associated with greater social distancing compliance. But the link between working memory and social distancing held even after controlling for these factors and others… More here.

I have noticed this when out and initially thought it was people not caring about social distancing. And then I saw their dead eyed stares as they walked wherever they wanted to and I realised that they were just morons.

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  1. I try to remember that the average intelligence is 100, by definition. I have lower expectations. But it does mean that I have to be more aware.

  2. That’s clever. Basically get people to associate social distancing with intelligence, or lack thereof, and watch how people and their egos don’t want to be viewed (or view themselves) as being stupid. I would also throw in wearing a mask and taking other basic precautions for good measure, and spread that around.

    Whether it’s wholly true or not doesn’t really matter, as long as it gets the desired results.

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