Double-signed watches / CEH and the Beta 21

Got some time free? If so, you will want to check out these two articles. Yes, you will-

As one of the more storied brands on our list, it only seemed right that we start with Tiffany & Co. Founded in 1838 by Charles Lewis Tiffany with a $1,000 loan from his father, Tiffany and his friend John B. Young opened their store on Broadway. While the first day’s sales amounted to just $4.98, they quickly established themselves as the go-to place for young, fashionable ladies to buy jewellery and timepieces. While in 1886 Tiffany may have introduced the engagement ring as we know it today, here we want to focus on their relationships with none other than Patek Philippe and Rolex… More here.

Surprisingly, the prospect of the battery electric, electronic, and tuning fork watches apparently had no affect the product plans of most Swiss companies. Profits and exports were increasing every year, and the initial battery-powered watches were unimpressive. But FH President Gérard Bauer was among those who saw that these developments threatened Swiss dominance. Especially after the launch of the Accutron, it was obvious that the Swiss industry needed battery-powered watch technology of its own. Because the LSRH was focused solely on improving mechanical watches, a new organization was needed… More here.

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