IWC’s Da Vinci through the Europa Star Archive

In each decade, the focus of Europa Star shifts subtly, from facilitating international trade in the 1950s and 1960s to promoting the entire watch industry in recent decades. It was not traditionally written for “people like me,” the customers of the watch industry, but this has changed in recent years. Given the democratizing influence of the Internet, especially in the case of this online Club, the coverage has expanded, as readers have discovered the publication. Regardless of the time period in question, there is much to learn from the archives.

Although the magazine is not always comprehensive, it did cover most important developments in horology over the last 70 years: the rise of electric and tuning fork watches, the explosion of quartz and the changes followed, the rebirth of the industry with a focus on complicated and in-house mechanical movements, and the rise of luxury groups. It is interesting to see the contemporary reaction to these events, and to watch as the brands and models change over time. Finding the first mention of a watch in Europa Star is proof not just that it existed but of the conditions that surrounded its creation… More here.

Europa Star has a huge archive that you could spend years reading if you go back far enough, and this is an excellent introduction to it by Stephen. He knows his watch stuff at a deeper level than most.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this! I’m excited by what I’ve already uncovered using the archive and what remains to be found.

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