Oris Divers Sixty Five 733 7720 4054MB (part two: justification (again))

So, I wrote about some of my justification for buying this Oris yesterday, but there is a lot more to the story and it involves more thinking than someone who does not love watches could possibly understand.

The overriding motivation for buying this watch was the fact that I wanted something that would fit in terms of pricing. I can afford an Oyster Perpetual 39 in white, if I could find one, but I just know that I would feel uncomfortable wearing it. It isn’t so much the thought of someone trying to steal it from me, but the sense that I am wearing +£4,000 on my wrist. On what planet does that make sense?

Now, before you jump up and shout ‘you don’t understand watches!’ I do understand why they can often cost so much and a big part of me loves the idea of wearing a genuine luxury piece every day. The problem is that my perception of luxury is firmly sat in reality and so £1,320 still feels like a lot of money to spend on a watch, but it ticks a few boxes without causing too much strain in my head.

I am getting a very nice watch that looks great on the wrist and that does exactly what it needs to. It will not cost a fortune to service, it is accurate for an automatic and it is likely that others will not even know who Oris is. Also, it does not stand out in a flashy way, but to me it still has a sense of quality about the way it looks.

In short, it just reaches a level of luxury for me that I am comfortable with and without any guilt or sense that I am wasting my money. Also, I have reached the watch snobbery level that wearing a Seiko or a Citizen does not fulfil me in an emotional sense anymore.

I really do appreciate the sheer consistency of Citizen and the practicality the brand’s watches offer, and I would argue that Citizen is underrated in a big way by far too many people. I also appreciate the myriad of Seiko offerings, but the poor quality control irks me somewhat and in my view lessens the brand a little. I mean the chapter cannot be that difficult to align can it!?!

Anyway, back to Oris. So as I sit here wearing the Oris I feel comfortable with it; the watch fills my need for a slightly vintage looking timepiece that does not feel contrived, it is very well made and it does the job it is supposed to. It has a date window, for some reason I really need a date window, and it still offers that luxurious feel that I want as a person who genuinely enjoys watches and all that comes with them.

I will properly review the Oris tomorrow, but for now it is doing what I expected it to and in this case that is to not overload my emotions, but to tweak them just enough to offer a sense of satisfaction. The mind is a funny thing, it really is.

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