The G-Shock GMWB5000CS-1

Before the laser printing is applied to the GMWB5000CS-1, it’s given a black IP finish. If you’re only familiar with the old school resin cased G-Shocks, handling a metallic G-Shock is a very different experience. These obviously have a much more significant heft to them, and in a way they make more sense and are easier to understand than a plastic watch, because we associate plastic with flimsiness, or something that’s just not made very well. Newcomers to the brand are sometimes surprised to learn that a traditional G-Shock can withstand all the abuse we’re told it can take, but the metal watches feel tougher and more substantial. This G-Shock, like virtually every G-Shock, is shock resistant and water resistant to 200 meters. It has the typical array of functions we’re used to seeing on G-Shocks, including a calendar, stopwatch, and a series of daily alarms. The square case design is modeled after the original G-Shock, and with a measurement of 49.3 x 43.2 x 13mm it’s surprisingly wearable… More here.

It’s nice to see Casio doing something different with a G-Shock. Wonder what it looks like on the wrist though?!?

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