Getting through lockdown with a 2006 iPod Nano

I take the Nano out with me during my government-sanctioned daily walk through my neighbourhood. My husband occasionally joins me but we usually take separate trips so that we each get some alone time. I’m also quite content to leave my iPhone at home as a means of escape from the horrific daily news cycle and mindless social media scrolling. Since my current mood seems to alternate between curiously zen and highly agitated, the music I play during my walks varies widely. Air’s Moon Safari is my current go-to ‘old’ album; Rihanna, Daft Punk and Metallica are all on heavy rotation… More here.

Excellent article.

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  1. Such a great device! I remember using its beauty to decorate at – my big “ripped my CDs from 6400 songs down to 1400” entry (current collection is more like 4000 singles)

    I have heard that battery swell is now an issue for people who use the old hardware, turns part of the screen black and doesn’t bode well for the long term health.

    Still- before they added video capability and started playing with the form factor… as a pure music player it was rather perfect.

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