Drink bleach, contact trace cancer and start smoking…

Yep, Trump actually said that. I can imagine a few of his supporters, those that are by now too far gone to understand reality, going out and buying bleach to drink.

Yep, Rudy actually said that. Contact tracing COVID-19 is crazy so why not trace cancer as well? You know, cancer that you cannot catch from other people.

The institute tested almost 700 teachers and pupils of a school in Crépy-en-Valois in one of the hardest-hit areas in France, as well as their families. The “highly accurate” tests found that only 7.2 per cent of smokers from among the adults tested were infected while four times as many non-smokers, some 28 per cent, were infected.

Arnaud Fontanet, an epidemiologist at the institute, warned that they were not encouraging people to take up smoking, remarking that those smokers who do catch the virus “risk suffering more complications” than others. Scientists suggested it could be the nicotine in cigarettes that was behind the surprising results regarding infection, although more research is needed… More here.

This sounds crazy as well, but apparently smokers suffer fewer colds than non-smokers so maybe it makes sense. The use of nicotine only is an interesting test because this suggests that nicotine alone could be effective. Presumably vaping would do the same?

Doctors at Warrington Hospital have modified devices known as “black boxes” which usually treat sleep apnoea – a condition which means breathing stops and starts while sleeping.

The clinicians say by treating COVID-19 patients early with their “black boxes”, it has meant there has been less need for the more intrusive and invasive ventilators and they’ve experienced a far quicker recovery rate… More here.

For some time doctors have worried that ventilators are overkill for this virus and the above could provide a small ray of light.

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