The Buren MinStop

Speaking both to my longstanding love of quirky charm and my problematic and ever-worsening proclivity for gold watches, this gorgeous little Buren really hit a bullseye when I got it in January of last year. At 37mm wide, 42mm lug to lug, and just 12.5mm thick including the bulk of the boxed crystal, it’s super wearable and borderline dressy. Given the gold dial and strange complication, this MinStop is akin to finding out there is a Wes Anderson film you’ve never seen, and it stars Willem Dafoe AND Luke Wilson. Pair it with perfect matching gold-tone bracelet, and you’ve got a Jeff Goldblum cameo (or maybe a scene in which Bill Murray smokes a cigarette)… More here.

Brilliant article about a watch I was completely unaware of previously.

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