What Is ‘Time Blindness’?

Time blindness is a term coined by doctors who treat people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Dr. Ari Tuckman, a Pennsylvania-based psychologist who specializes in ADHD, said adults typically develop an innate awareness of time and an ability to track its passing. Some people have what he calls a “harder,” or sharper time awareness: they know when they’ve been out for lunch too long, or when something hasn’t been in the oven for long enough. Others have a much softer one; they can miss appointments and trains, or play a game for hours and not realize they haven’t eaten dinner. At the severe end of the spectrum, toward the soft end, is time blindness, which can profoundly impact someone’s life, if they can’t ever keep deadlines or make social events. People with ADHD are often more time-blind than others… More here.

Fascinating stuff.

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