Rolex, Tudor, And Patek Philippe Will Postpone 2020

This is the first time in recent memory that these three juggernauts of the watch industry will go beyond a full year-long product cycle without updating their collections in major ways. Baselworld 2019 ended on March 26, and the press preview day of Baselworld 2021 isn’t until January 27, so it could end up being 22 months between product releases – not quite a full two years. It’s worth noting that none of the three companies has said outright that they’re waiting until 2021, leaving them room to maneuver as the year continues. If conditions change, we might yet see new collections before the calendar turns over… More here.

The ramifications of this, in the short term, are big. The ramifications of COVID-19 in the long term are huge (in terms of much more than the watch world).

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