I try not to think about it, but…

It is impossible to not think about COVID-19. You have to consider the constant hand washing, the oppressing and repeating thoughts when you consider what you are touching, what you are breathing in and who you are close to.

The never ending and exponentially expanding news coverage, the relentless tips, the data, the graphs, the warnings, the politics. It is overwhelming and it is starting to affect every area of our lives. And it will get worse, much worse.

I am not being pessimistic here; from the global economy to many thousands of deaths to the decimation of businesses big and small, the more you think about it the worse it sounds. People will lose their jobs and their homes, and so much more.

The politics of this has also brought into stark contrast the mistakes the majority made recently in terms of who their leaders are. Trump is the obvious target here- people wanted revenge, they wanted to laugh at the establishment and they wanted to stick it to people like me who actually care about others. These people did not consider that a real crisis would appear at which point he naturally screwed up in every imaginable way.

Boris in the UK is not much better. The lacklustre moves do not compare well to other European countries and lives will be lost because of it. I am no expert of course, but at this time and when looking for a consistent approach surely we should all be thinking the same. Big actions have proved to help save lives in China etc and while this does not for one moment solve the problem, it gives us time to prepare for what is next.

And that is what scares me most at the moment. It feels like we do not have time to make rational decisions and the consequences could be terrible. Then again, it could come back stronger if we are too aggressive. Who knows?

My plan is to write about non virus stuff while I have extra time just in case you want to think about something different for a few minutes…

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  1. I recently tweeted that the problem with Covid-19 is that all my trust in the politicians was burned during the Brexit shambles and consequently don’t believe a word they say.

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