The Prompt. aka the anti-watch

For a watch that was designed to be used without looking at it, Prompt is quite a looker. With a beautiful minimal aesthetic, Prompt comes with a familiar watch silhouette, but has absolutely no hands, face, or crown. The center of the watch does, however, have a glossy concave surface that serves as a tactile watch face. Touch it, and the watch vibrates to tell you the time. Prompt, as its name suggests, prompts you with tactile cues to let you know when an hour passes by. Splitting the hour into four 15-minute quadrants, the watch vibrates anywhere from one to four times to let you know the hour is passing… so if you’re in a meeting that’s supposed to be half an hour long, simply touching Prompt can let you know that you’re halfway through a meeting with just 1 vibration, nearing completion with two vibrations, and running into overtime with three quick pulses. You can effectively keep track of how the hour passes without having to look at your watch and appear uncivil or rude… More here.

An interesting concept.

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