BMW’s new flat logo

BMW has a new logo, marking the biggest change to the company’s branding since the iconic emblem was introduced in 1917. As with many modern redesigns of logos made to chase today’s trendy aesthetic of a super flat ultra-minimalist style, the new BMW logo sacrifices the company’s well-known identity in favor of presumed modernity.

There are two major changes to the updated logo. The first is largely positive: BMW is reverting back to a flatter design that ditches the very dated 3D effects and shading that were introduced in 1997 with a design that resembles the simpler logo the company has been using since 1963… More here.

I do not like that at all. It may work better on a vehicle, but it feels unoriginal to me.

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  1. Doesn’t do anything for me either. Isn’t flat going out in favor of something slightly less flat? Besides, it’s a logo that people immediately recognize. It’s on a vehicle, not a screen. I know, the marketing people will say that we just don’t understand.

  2. If this version will be the definitive version, to me, is not good-looking.
    I think you can’t copy Jonathan Ive’s design style ( I mean minimalism) without adapting it to your situation.
    The matter is not about the style.
    A design logo or product, must be beautiful, must leave you inside a positive emotion, a sensation of feeling good, of harmony – as the ancient greek would have said.
    For Aristotle “the form is substance”.

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