Phil Toledano

In addition to being a photographer and multimedia artist, Phil is an avid collector. He collects cars, he collects art, he collects memorabilia, and, of course, he collects watches. More importantly though, he’s one of those collectors who always wants to go a bit against the grain. He’s not interested in collecting the same stuff as everyone else. No, he wants to develop his own aesthetic and look into the shadowy corners that nobody is paying attention to. That’s where he finds the most interesting things and learns the most. This also means that his tastes are always shifting and evolving, so one minute he might be all about 1970s Breitling chronographs and the next it’s Beta-21 watches from Patek Philippe. What unites them? Phil likes them. It’s that simple… More here.

I would recommend this episode purely because of Phil’s commentary on genuine watch collecting. He talks about how when he is at events everyone seems to have Submariners, Speedmasters etc and how these people seem to buy these models because these are the watches to own rather than them actually saying something about them.

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