Barclay v Barclay

FB4D7A A black taxi drives past the Ritz Hotel, Piccadilly, London.

But the moment of the Brexit triumph has coincided with a remarkable unfolding crisis for the Telegraph’s owners, the Barclay brothers.

Family feuds, financial strain and an expensive folly on a rocky island in the English Channel is the untold story of the most influential press barons of Brexit Britain.

Born 10 minutes apart, David and Frederick have been inseparable for much of their lives. Now 85, they have fallen out, live separately, and no longer see eye to eye over the future of the eclectic empire they built from scratch or how it should be left to their children… More here.

Fascinating and worrying in equal measure.

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  1. I was a Telegraph reader for years – don’t get me wrong, I knew it had right wing tendencies – but the journalism was solid. Now it’s nothing like it’s former self. Except the crossword – it’s still challenging.

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