Opening up iOS…

Apple may be considering allowing users to set new, default apps for things like web browsers, music players, and email clients according to a new Bloomberg report.

Developers can currently create their own apps that compete with Apple’s offerings and distribute them in the App Store. But they’re at a disadvantage because users can’t set those apps as a system-wide default. If you tap an email address, it’ll open a new email in Apple’s Mail app. Tap a URL, it’ll open in Safari. A location? That’ll open right up in Apple Maps… More here.

This sounds positive and is something that many complain about, but there is a potential negative side to this. Apple would need to be extremely careful to not inhibit the stability, speed and reliability that us iOS users enjoy today.

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  1. There are a specific number of Apple apps that would be considered “default” apps. It seems to me that Apple could be extra careful approving any apps that could be considered replacement apps. For example, maybe they need a special bit of code that would highlight the app to Apple’s reviewers who could then be extra cautious.

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