$3,270 for a Coronavirus test

He went to Jackson Memorial Hospital, where he said he was placed in a closed-off room. Nurses in protective white suits sprayed some kind of disinfectant smoke under the door before entering, Azcue said. Then hospital staff members told him he’d need a CT scan to screen for coronavirus, but Azcue said he asked for a flu test first… More here.

America is a first world country with tremendous wealth. The American health system is perplexing to this outside of the country and it seems cruel, selfish and basically a money grab at every opportunity. If you cannot look after your own people equally there is something wrong…

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  1. The U.S. health care system isn’t aimed at care. It’s aimed at making money. It’s literally what the market will bear. If you can’t afford good insurance, you’re screwed. And even then, many insurance companies tell you which doctors and hospitals you can use.

    Isn’t one sign of a developed country the ability of people to get decent health care no matter their financial status?

    I’m not suggesting that Canada is perfect. There are lots of things that our health care system doesn’t cover. Plus coverage can be different in different provinces. But the basics are covered. You’re not going to be bankrupted because you have to spend some time in the hospital.

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