inner-me vs inner-child vs inner-dog

As a child I developed a heightened sense of rationality – I would someday have to justify myself, via words and logic, to a righteous God who might choose to send my soul to burn forever in hell. So what my intuitive, feeling self wanted – its mortal concerns vs my immortal destiny – just didn’t matter and so my gut self must be forever subjugated to my rational self. Even after I was no longer a person of faith, the rationality and sense of “ultimately true judgement is external” lingered, and I fear it stunted my intuitive self, badly. Observing people at work I think that when my intuitive self does act out, it is more childish and less controlled than those of my peers (but of course it’s tough to know what their inner lives are like…) More here.

I would recommend bookmarking Kirk’s site. It really is an irreverent (at times) and excellent daily read.

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