Coming out…

A popular TV presenter in the UK, Phillip Schofield, came out as gay today. For those of you who do not know him, he is hugely popular in the UK and the go to guy for new shows of a particular genre.

What will follow now is analysis, discussion, support and criticism from millions of people online and offline, many of whom presume to somehow have a right to know what he is thinking. There will be criticism of how he has deceived his family for decades, how he has deceived the public and how he is somehow wrong for what he has done.

As a straight man I do not presume to understand what others are thinking and what their motivations are. I cannot comprehend what that must feel like and how difficult it must be mentally. Just imagine having to live a lie forever and to not be able to act on your own natural desires. At some point it has to spill over and all of your good intentions will have to be laid to rest.

Anyway, to avoid analysing this myself the main point of this piece is that his coming out will highlight the negative culture we are experiencing now- that is one where anonymous people can criticise and judge others by their own beliefs. Some will say he is ungodly, others will say it is just wrong and so on. These people are monumentally stupid and ignorant to a level where all they see is themselves and their own little world.

They cannot comprehend that people are different to them, obviously everyone is different to everyone else, and they cannot think about others for one moment. This is true of Brexiteers, arch remainers, Trump supporters, Democrat supporters, Tories, Labourites and anyone who presumes to impose their view on anyone else by way of social media or any other way.

I’m no angel and I have many a time said things that offend others, about 100 times a day in fact, but I do not like that every event whether it be about gender, sexuality, politics, sport or literally any other topic you can think of is immediately followed by the judgements of a world which feels just a little more nasty every day.

I cannot judge Scofield, I don’t know him or what his mind has gone through, and for that reason there is nothing I can or should say about him. I just wish others would do the same, but just watch over the next few days and the circle of hate and judgement will continue to spin.

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