Create your own Google Maps traffic jam

With its Geo Tools, Google has created a platform that allows users and businesses to interact with maps in a novel way. This means that questions relating to power in the discourse of cartography have to be reformulated. But what is the relationship between the art of enabling and techniques of supervision, control and regulation in Google’s maps? Do these maps function as dispositive nets that determine the behaviour, opinions and images of living beings, exercising power and controlling knowledge? Maps, which themselves are the product of a combination of states of knowledge and states of power, have an inscribed power dispositive. Google’s simulation-based map and world models determine the actuality and perception of physical spaces and the development of action models… More here.

A crazy idea and one that can cause problems for those who are affected by it, but you have to admire the innovation.

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  1. If I understand this, if I wanted to keep traffic away from an area, I could trace that area using a bunch of old smartphones running Google Maps. Presumably, it would only affect traffic that was using Google Maps.

  2. So first off, I got to wondering if all those phones were on their own cell connections, or maybe they shared a wifihot spot, or what

    I think this is a limited time gimmick… having all these “cars” on top of each other has to look suspicious to some algorithm, even within the margin of error GPS systems have… but I could see some cat and mouse games. If you get really serious, have a little fleet of drones, moving in the exact rhythm as a car 😀

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