When the ‘house’ comes tumbling down…

Some of you may or may not be aware that I recently came into issues with the sale of a replica watch.
I feel stupid, sick, numb, upset, and frustrated that I’ve potentially passed this on to a buyer.
After a few days, the buyer returned the watch to me, and immediately received a full refund. Upon inspection, the watch is a replica.
The fake watch transaction had a lot of my personal information in it, so if this was a legitimate scam it’s been terribly executed.

As for any sales that were delayed in delivery, these simply failed with the supply. I tried to fix the situation, make constant excuses and work through, only to fail. At the end of the day, these resulted in refunds to the buyers.

Overall, I have stuffed up, lied and I take full responsibility.
I am sorry, and I apologise to those impacted or anyone that I have let down. I know a lot of you trust me, and you follow for that reason.
I don’t expect anyone to forgive or forget.
I’ll be taking some time away with my family to personally deal with this. Chris More here.

So there is the explanation from Chris over at Horology House. The comments came flying in, until he removed them, and I must say that the explanation is a little too corporate for me and that it doesn’t really address any of the issues. The serious issues that could destroy everything he has created overnight.

For more on this check out this thread at the Rolex Forums and make sure you read the WhatsApp log embedded within it. That in particular tells you all you need to know- his YouTube channel is offline and comments now disabled on all Instagram posts, looks like it is over for him. Maybe he should go work with TGV?

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