£40k ‘head of coffee’

Tate Britain has defended its decision to advertise for a “head of coffee”, on wages of almost £40,000 a year.

Union leaders had said the post highlights “the pay discrepancy” between museum professionals and others within the arts sector.

The average annual salary for professional art curators in London is believed to be around £37,300… More here.

This is a good example of a fuss being made over not very much. Many people are ignoring this part- ‘The job entails sourcing, blending and roasting coffee for use in all Tate Eats’ sites and managing the Hot Beverage Team that is responsible for all aspects of tea and coffee delivery.’

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  1. Minimum income calculator suggests that for a single person in london, £32,862 is the minimum salary for a decent standard of living. Thats 2156.83 after tax. £40k is £2561.32, a difference of £404.49 per month. Easily swallowed up by needing to live closer to the office rather than commuting from far (I assume long hours for such a job).

    Wish there was more focus on companies paying minimum wage to staff (requiring tax credits from taxpayers to get them to a basic standard of living) while the CEO walks away with seven figures?

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