The perfect iPhone?!?

I found an iPhone 3GS in a drawer and I have to say it is a revelation. That sounds ridiculous for a phone that is so old and which has been improved upon countless times, but roll it around in your hand for a minute and it feels perfect!

Seriously, make this a full screen phone and despite its tiny size it has something that the latest iPhone cannot come close to. It just feels right.

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  1. I would have to agree. I loved the feel of the 3GS and the easy one-handedness. The push to bigger phones seemed to me to be as much about marketing as anything else. Apple could lead on this instead of following like they did to bigger phones.

  2. Or at least provide the option of a smaller phone. One of the reasons I haven’t upgraded my 6S is because I don’t really want a larger screen/phone. Maybe the rumored upcoming SE2.

  3. Not sure if you got it in the UK but the very original iPhone had a better design in my book (see a photo at top of )

    The two tone, mostly metal back had a certain charm and texture, not unlike a Zippo lighter, that made the black glossy plastic of the 3G look a bit cheap.

    I agree the form factor – if we only used phones as phones and maybe messaging devices, it would still be optimal (and I remember early reviews predicting future generations would shrink not grow) but I think people have learned how useful larger screens can be, (Apple was a little slow to believe it , and lost some ground to Samsung before the iphone 6 came out…)

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