Visualising time

A discussion has ensued in the Lost In Mobile WhatsApp group about time and the different ways in which it can be displayed. Here are some interesting examples-


Over the past few years I’ve realized that I use an idiosyncratic visualization for certain kinds of time; I see the cyclic nature of the twelve months of a year and the seven days of a week in the form of a circle, both going counter-clockwise. I spent some time today generating images reflecting this view. Below is a reflection of what a week is like for me. You can read the full article here.

Repeat Until Death

I kind of admire how she surely used less time doodling out her view than I did with my timehoops, or my webtoy. In fact I kind of like her rendition better in general! All well, c’est la vie (et la vie et la vie)… The full article and a more detailed GIF are here.

Slow Watches

Kirk also mentioned Slow Watches which take a more relaxed view of how time should progress on your wrist.

Swatch one lap watches

Swatch make a selection of watches that only go round once per day, including this one.

Flat Earth Sun, Moon & Zodiac

This app was also mentioned and it does look very impressive in its design etc. Just ignore the ‘Flat Earth’ nonsense that is held within it.

Thanks to Kirk, Tom and Andrew for the above.

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