Three half marathon Apple Watch Series 5 battery tests

All in all, I was extremely satisfied with battery life performance from the Apple Watch Series 5, especially with the always-on display activated. As always, your mileage may vary — and for the better if you finish the race faster! More here.

I don’t recognise these results at all. When my wife ran a marathon last year the following happened (full article is here)-

She had disabled the always on screen beforehand and only enabled the features she needed, but still it died less than half way through the marathon. If she had run a new world record of under 2:15:25 the Apple Watch would still have only just survived by 15 minutes.

This meant that we had no idea where she was and could not make sure that she was OK. She had lost her music and so had to run in silence and the Apple Watch did not record her completing the marathon- she only wanted to complete one marathon in her life, but the Apple records will not show it. Finally, we then had to wait for some time in the hope that she could complete the marathon and the worry was immense for all of the family waiting.

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  1. Shaun

    Think your wife was unfortunate. I run with a Garmin on one wrist and an AW S5 on the other (don’t ask!)

    I run half-mara distance every couple of weeks or so, I’ve had an S5 since the day they were released and I’ve never been anyway near wiping the AW out with one run (I ran Southampton Marathon with an S4 last year with no problem either). Usually I just use the AW for music but, for example, last week I did a half mara distance trail run, with BT headphones connected to the watch, Work Outdoors app recording and navigating the run and with nothing on the watch turned off. After a just over 2 hour run I was on about 55% battery after the run.

    It wouldn’t get me through an Ironman but for running (and swimming as well) I’m pleased.


    • The S4 is a lot better battery wise than the S5 (even with always on display disabled). My S4 would end the day on 70% whereas my wife’s S5 would be 40-50%. She did a half marathon with the S5 after and had 10% left. Not sure she is unlucky as such, have heard this from a few S5 owners so it is difficult to know for sure.

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