The Apple Watch is so good I need to sell it

The Apple Watch has proved to be a brilliant companion for me and one that I find disturbing because it is killing my one material passion which is real watches.

When it comes to importance my family wins every time, but in those moments when I need to think about something else or to simply have a hobby, it is watches. I talk to my son a lot about watches, he is at Uni so it gives us a connection, and together we are gradually building up our knowledge of watches present and vintage.

Sure, the Apple Watch tracks my fitness and my general day to day movements. It keeps deadly accurate time every second of the day and can display a myriad of complications such as the weather, date, calendar and so much more, and you can change the strap in a second for a new look. I never miss a notification, I can control the Apple TV with it, unlock my Mac automatically and end my morning alarm. And for the rest of the time I can switch to a simply watch face and just tell the time when I need to.

The problem, however, is that it is soulless and there is no depth at all to the experience. It is a computer that just happens to be very small and that can be worn, and there is never a sense of history, longevity or getting to grow with it over many years.

I could wear an Apple Watch on one wrist and a ‘real’ watch on another, but that just does not feel right and probably never will. As much as I appreciate the Apple Watch and all it can do I am prepared to give all of that up to track myself less often and to simply enjoy a vintage timepiece on my wrist. My heart is definitely overruling my head here.

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